How we work

How we work

We are a responsible and reliable company. We are transparent in all our procedures. At the development stage, every customer may get access to the tickets system that shows all the project information, and the customer can always check the task status by himself, and find out what developers are doing right now.

When developing, we try to be proactive at every project stage. We do not just convert your specification to the working code, but also suggest and provide you with our vision to different aspects of future or current products - from technical suggestion up to ideas which may help to improve your business. At the same time, our goal and standard as developers are to make a clean and understandable code. Nowadays several experts can work at the same project at different periods of time (even over 10 years), and a clear code is a must have nowadays.

We follow the established internal process to develop the customized software for each project. Besides, we relate it to the needs of our customers. Usually, it is organized in the following manner:

  • Initial project discussions with the customer, efforts estimation and making an offer
  • Concluding a contract (fixed-price or on the per-hour basis)
  • SRS (software requirements specifications) and interface prototypes preparation. Depending on the customer preferences and the project nature, this part can vary. We can omit it at all, or we can add Use Cases description, graphics design, etc.
  • Designing system architecture
  • Programming and development
  • Testing
  • Release
  • Items 5-7 are iteratively repeated until the end of the development
  • Documentation development – administrator’s guide, user’s guide, source code documentation
  • Deployment, on-site testing
  • Technical support

When developing all our projects, we comply with the following internal standards:

  • Write Once, Use Many: most of our projects reuse pre-developed components, which considerably decreases the solution cost.
  • Version Control System: it allows us to keep track of all changes to the source code, fix errors in earlier versions of the system and release patches.
  • Issue Tracking System: Any change requests and bug reports are stored in a special database, prioritized by a project manager, and passed to the developers and then to testers.
  • Testing - automatic, manual: It ensures that the system remains functional even if we rebuild it daily. It also allows us to do performance testing of the system, emulation heavy load.
  • Release or continues development: It is critical that the customer would be able to evaluate the software as early as possible, to check if his needs are met and to make necessary changes to the requirements if needed. We have all resources to make releases weekly, daily, etc.